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Tote of the week: Make Believe tote via Felt Mountain Studios

I can’t blog about bags two days running can I? Yes? Oh go on then. Well, hopefully you’ll forgive me this once considering the above tote of the week is blooming DELIGHTFUL.

With June turning into a bit of a wash out I could do with a big balloon to ferret me across town. Take a closer look at the design:

A fish with a top hat, bunting, floral text and swoon-worthy waves – be still my beating heart. This tote has cheered my eyes right up today – I really am easy to please! You can purchase the tote for only £5, along with prints, notebooks and cards from Felt Mountain Studios via Etsy.

I hope you all have a super weekend. I’ll be tearing my hair out trying to work out how to self host this blog (almost worked it out!) then will spend the rest of the time indoors (yeah rain, that’s your fault) sewing, baking and watching Game of Thrones. I might dare to venture outside and watch Moonrise Kingdom too…Bill Murray, you are so worthit.

Bookmarked: Mozzypop Satchels

I could never buy a Mulberry Alexa bag. I couldn’t justify it, let alone afford it. In fact I would rather book a holiday. But I am a fan of a good satchel and the Alexa design suits me down to the ground. While catching up on some blogs recently I noticed Mozzypop’s new satchel range – inspired by the Alexa design at only £29.95. What was that? Inspired by the Alexa? In super lovely colours including teal? And only £29.95? Yes, I’d much rather book a holiday and swing one of these around. The teal one, pretty please. Cue loveliness…




Sweet home


DIY ‘Home Sweet Home’ nail & wool wall art via Jen Loves Kev

After a wonderfully boozy, pork filled (hog roast!) weekend celebrating my friends wedding I was dreaming of only one place – home (and my bed!). On our way home via the National Express (trying to ignore people’s very loud phone conversations) we passed a derelict building in Leeds. As I peered through the smashed up windows, I saw a few occupied sleeping bags. With one look I felt pretty lucky and pretty darn sad all at the same time. How lucky I am to have a home. How lucky I am.

Tote of the week: Clouds Tote Bag via ChiChiDee on Etsy

Cloudy the skies have been of late. I think they have forgotten that it is Summer. Shall we quietly give them a nudge and all make just one wish today? I wish for a dry and sunny weekend. That would make me happy, it would please my friend too, who’s going to the chapel to get married this weekend and I think you’d like it too, right?

This perfectly pleasant Clouds Tote bag by ChChiDee via Etsy is £11 and reminds me of our funny little country, where all we do is chat about the weather. Ha!

Happy weekend folks!

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